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In the first conversation RedDeb has with clients we talk a lot about respect and mindfulness. It is the way we conduct ourselves, the way we go about business and the way in which we expect to be treated.

Clients include:

  • The Australian Ballet School
  • Centre of Strategic Education
  • Independent Schools Victoria
  • Department of Education & Early Childhood Development
  • Australian Education Union
  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Australian Association of Special Education
  • Hockey Victoria



Having worked with numerous education consultants nationally and internally, Deb is a shining star with an empowering message delivered with authenticity and humour. In the vital area of health and wellbeing, Deb’s passionate and engaging keynotes and training, resonate with participants enabling them to safely engage in deep reflection, whilst providing valuable and meaningful strategies for focusing on self and working with others. Deb has an excellent repertoire of stories and a wealth of knowledge and expertise, with participants indicating that her sessions were made relevant for each person relating to their personal and professional lives. Collaborating with Deb on our professional learning offerings is an easy choice.

Dr Barbara Watterston
Watterston Consulting


Over the past seven years Deb has designed and established The Australian Ballet School’s unique Connecting to the School Community program for our students. The program aims to build the skills of resiliency, self esteem, courage and respect. Much of the program’s success is due to Deb’s passion for the values of positive regard, security and authentic communication. Her commitment to the program is illustrated by her integrity, exceptional work ethic and an unparalleled energy and enthusiasm.

Lisa Pavane
The Australian Ballet School


Deb’s passion for her work and her engagement with her audience meant that the participants were fully engrossed for every minute of the workshop. Deb practises what she preaches and as a result covered more material in a morning than many presenters present in a day.

Elspeth Adamson
Community Liaison Officer
Independent Schools Victoria


Deb has that rare ability of engaging and motivating a large group where she both inspires and energises the audience.

Barbara Jennings
AEU Women’s Leadership
Women’s Officer
Australian Education Union


Thank you for your fabulous presentation. As we sensed, the staff were completely engaged and they were singing your praises throughout the day. I believe that the majority were both invigorated and inspired and many commented on what a wonderful PD is was to commence the term. This response is a testament to your own passion for wellbeing and your ability to engage others in this worthy vocation.

Ms Rhiannon McGee
Director of Pastoral Care P-12
Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak