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What Teachers Need to Know About Personal Wellbeing
Publisher: Australian Centre of Educational Research, 2008
Price: $24.95

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Teachers are renowned for putting their own needs last and, although this is a natural response in the short term, the long-term consequences can be damaging to health and wellbeing.
Personal Wellbeing will help teachers evaluate their life and work in order to become more fulfilled and productive.
It provides insights into many aspects of wellbeing, analysing exactly what makes people happy and contented, and presents a series of challenges to practise the strategies outlined.


ABS-ResiliencyResilient, Teacher June/July 2011

At The Australian Ballet School, students are trained to build the skills of being positive, empathetic and proactive, and making deliberate choices in both dance and life. Building a worthwhile sense of self helps students to be resilient and courageous through the tough times they’ll inevitably face.

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Resiliency-Teacher-ArticleResilience, Teacher, Jan/Feb 2009

Stress is part of life and it will be part of our experience whether we like it or not. When we let unmanaged stress manifest in us – physically, psychologically and emotionally – it is like a pressure cooker that is building up steam. The more we allow it to control how we feel in everything we do, the more pressure we will feel.

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Being-WellBeing Well, Teacher November, 2007

Your pile of marking is getting bigger, you have reports, parent interviews looming and classes to teach. You feel wrung out and worn down wondering how you’ll fit it all in.

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The_Art_of_ConversationThe Art of Conversation? Teacher March 2010

In schools across Australia, there are educators avoiding having difficult conversations with their colleagues. Here’s some tips on how to get the conversations started.

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workplace-conflictWorkplace Conflict, Teacher, May 2007

How do you deal with workplace conflict? Start by setting the standards of appropriate behaviour for the whole school community.

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