The RedDeb Story

One goal: to improve people's wellbeing

When Deb Ferguson first opened the doors to RedDeb she had one simple goal in mind: to improve people’s wellbeing.

For over fifteen years, RedDeb has played a guiding, influential role in the lives of leaders, teachers, business people, students and school support staff.

All with one thing in common: her ability to inspire.

RedDeb is education with a difference.

Not the same tired corporate messaging.
Not the same boring course outlines.

When you sign up to RedDeb you can expect: research based presentations that are authentic, reflective, engaging, motivating and inspiring.

RedDeb’s unique style and approach to learning allows her to reach her audience from the very first minute. When it comes down to it, people want authenticity, the truth, being genuine.
The values that reflect their values.

One last thing. RedDeb is just that. You’ll be struck at the colour of her hair and flamboyant outfits as the words she uses.

And her most commonly asked question… When can you come back?