What you can expect

We take on the hard stuff

Think about the time you spend at work compared to the time you spend at home. By the time you get home, organise your children, cook dinner and settle down to watch your favourite TV program (or God forbid a book), and prepare for the next day, you have about two hours day to spend with your loved ones. Compare that to the eight to ten hours you spend at work plus commuting time. Unfair isn’t it! Which is precisely why we need to ENJOY our work and the people we work with. Otherwise it most certainly is a recipe for disaster.

That’s where RedDeb comes in. RedDeb is not your typical educator. Not your typical management consultant. She takes on the hard stuff. The stuff that plagues modern work spaces but no one wants to talk about: our precious mental and emotional wellbeing, the values and culture by which we live and work. The things we notice only when they’re gone.

So let’s not wait until then.

If you’re interested in maximising the wellbeing of your staff, charting their journey, reviewing what’s happening in their lives in and outside work, all in the interests of communicating better with your team, the RedDeb has an important role to play in your organisation.

RedDeb works with you, for you. All programs are tailored to your needs and timing, but here’s a few ideas.

  • Launch your conference or professional learning with an inspiring keynote
  • One hour to a full day professional learning
  • Resiliency and mindfulness
  • Having those challenging conversations
  • Coaching for individuals and teams